Mary Byron By Mary Byron • December 30, 2017

Top Reasons to Have a Chemical Peel in Winter

Winter is a busy time for Aesthetic Clinics and while many are not aware of it, it makes a lot of sense to schedule your treatment during times when there is less chance of sun-damage.  Procedures like chemical peels, all kinds of laser treatment, and microneedling require a lot of protection against sun exposure post-op because healing skin is extremely susceptible to sun damage. These procedures are perfect for fine lines and wrinkles, acne management, acne scars, and other skin conditions.  

During spring and summer, the sun's UVA and UVB rays wreak havoc on unprotected skin and can cause:

  • formation and deepening of lines and wrinkles,
  • hyperpigmentation (and worsening of freckles, melasma, sunspots),
  • dryness, and 
  • the exacerbation of acne conditions.

Chemical peels, lasers, and microneedling all cause controlled damage to the skin. This stimulates the skin to produce more collagen which results to more supple, thicker skin, with a smoother texture since the top-most cells are removed. 

Which Peel is Perfect for Me?

Chemical peels can be light, medium or strong, depending on the skin condition. Ironically these peels are pretty much like sunburn, making the the skin sensitive and prone to even more damage. Chemical peels break up the linkages between cells and this frees the older, more cornified cells, allowing for faster renewal. As skin peels, the younger cells are uncovered. New skin is smoother, more evenly toned, with diminished lines, and smaller pores. However, it is also fragile and likely to burn faster even in winter months. Unlike home DIY peels, professional peels done at the clinic are safe and closely monitored.  Sweat, an irritant for newly treated skin is minimized during the winter months - a great thing during the healing process.



The SkinMedica Illuminize Peel is the mildest peel and is recommended for those who have never had peels before. It's the perfect peel for those with mild imperfections. After a week you expect to look more refreshed with brightened skin.

The SkinMedica Vitalize Peel is a stronger peel and is great for those who've had  peels before or who want to accelerate the exfoliation process. It is best for those with moderate skin imperfections.

The SkinMedica Rejuvenate Peel is the strongest one. It is appropriate for those with moderate and serious skin lesions and deeper lines and wrinkles.

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Chemical peels take about 20 minutes and can be repeated every 6 weeks. Microdermabrasion or dermaplane can be added to enhance the absorption of the chemicals. This hastens the action and makes it more uniform. If you don't have time to go through a professionally done peel, do try the Obagi Transformation Kit perfect for your skin type.

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