By Leslie Pequignot • October 15, 2016

Skincare for the Changing Seasons - Medical Grade Skin Care


Some people may think that with the changing of seasons you may need to change up your skincare routines as well. This isn't always true.  The effect of the sun on our skin when exposed in moderation is it thickens the epidermis and dermis.  For people with dry and sensitive skin they often improve during the summer months and may get worse in the winter.  It's important to add additional hypo-allergenic moisturizers and medical grade skin care to help offset the changes in the skin.  During the summer we are creating age spots but they can also be reverse with the appropriate skin care or photofacials.  
For my daily and nightly routines at home I stay consistent year round. I ALWAYS cleanse, exfoliate, tone, extract, moisturize & use sunscreen. I also use a retinol year round to keep my skin in tip-top shape!
The only thing I would recommend people to do differently or add to their routine during the colder seasons would be adding a set of chemical peels to help correct age spots and exfoliate more effectively while the skin is more dry during this time of year. Since peels will always make your skin more sensitive to sun exposure, it's safer to do them during the winter time so you don't risk getting more sun damage.
Other than that I would only suggest to add a heavy moisturizer (such as SkinMedica Ceramide Cream) during the winter to avoid dry skin from mother nature's harsh cold weather.