By Cate Holliday • March 22, 2018

Master Providers Michelle and Jessye are trading places!

We’re trying something new! We’ve selected two of our Central Ohio providers and given them an opportunity to spend a few months at a different office. Michelle will be heading to Polaris and Jessye will take a temporary residency at the Downtown Columbus office. Appointments will begin in April! 

Screen Shot 2018-03-22 at 5.55.04 PM.png

One of our favorite things about Juvly is the relationships and loyalty that we see between our providers and our clients! With that in mind, we’re giving clients in different offices the opportunity to book with alternative providers from other locations, which brings on new skillsets, offerings, and opportunities to enhance your look and show off your beauty. This gives our clientele more access to our talented providers and our team more opportunities to learn, grow, and develop their capabilities. We’ll also have some great specials for you along the way! Click the buttons below to book with Michelle in Polaris and Jessye in Downtown Columbus!

                                          Book with Michelle in Polaris!       Book with Jessye in Columbus!

Looking to stick with your existing provider? Don’t worry; you can book an appointment with your preferred provider for their alternative location! Polaris and Downtown Columbus are only about 30 minutes apart! Jessye will also be accepting appointments at the Polaris location on certain Saturdays,  while Michelle will come back to the Columbus Office for a pop-up day to be announced soon!