Mary Byron By Mary Byron • January 4, 2018

Perfect That Pout for Valentine

We've all been obsessed with lips from time immemorial and our idea of the perfect proportion currently is more of Kylie Jenner's. But, it's not a one size fits all in Aesthetics because lips have to be in proportion with the rest of the features - otherwise, you'll end up looking like a reality star whose doctor failed to step on the brakes. Precision when doing lip augmentation matters because shape, balance, and of course, volume are addressed for the most natural and youthful-looking results. Fillers made of hyaluronic acid have been around for some time but the exciting development is that a new generation of fillers from Galderma called Restylane Refyne and Defyne are made with XpresHAn technology. The gel-like consistency is lighter and there are more cross-links making it more flexible. It is more subtle and can even be used on lips that had already been previously filled to create a "pillowy look". Refyne by far produces the least swelling among fillers.

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Traditional favorites like Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are very popular because these two are  great for building-up structure - perfect for those who like full lips. This means that there's a thicker filler for those who were born with naturally-thin lips, for those who had lost volume over the the years, and those who simply want a prettier pout. Fillers can even be used to correct some defects and asymmetry.

What to Expect

Fillers when used around the mouth tend to get metabolized faster because of the frequent movement. Fast metabolizers report that lip fillers that were projected to last for a year and a half barely had good results after six months. Fillers usually come in 1ml. syringes, except for Volbella which contains only .5ml. Depending on how much volume needs to be added, 1-2 syringes will suffice. Thing is, the whole syringe does not need to be consumed if the "look" has already been achieved.


Patients are numbed before the procedure and iced after. The whole procedure is quick and takes 30 minutes - one hour. It is comfortable and the results are immediate. After the filler is injected, the Provider massages it gently to remove lumps and sculpt the filler. You can actually have a slight lateral lift or a more central pout - fillers are flexible that way. 

Because of the slight swelling from the injection, the lips may look about 10% bigger than how it will eventually look so don't be scared that your lips are too full. At Juvly, expectations are explained - it is easier to add more volume during the touch-up session than to dissolve over-filled lips with hyaluronidase.


Post-op pain can be eased with Tylenol and icing. There might be some tenderness, swelling, and bruising but these typically start resolving from the 5th day onwards and you're off to a lovely smile.

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