Mary Byron By Mary Byron • July 9, 2017

Hot Anti Ageing Treatments for Men

So you think that men aren't interested in anti ageing treatments?These days, men need TLC (tender loving care) too! It’s no longer hush-hush that looking good gives a boost of confidence and does affect how others perceive them professionally. If you think you are the odd male in a sea of women who troop medspa clinics to have discreet lunchtime procedures, think again. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), the number of men that sought aesthetic treatment to improve their looks had soared to around 300% from its levels in 1997; which translates to around a million visits last year alone. 

In fact, Fashionbeans reports that acccording to the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS), "We’re moving away from radical procedures and towards more minor ‘tweakments’ – attempting to enhance what we already have, rather than trying to build again from scratch, so to speak.”  At Juvly Aesthetics, we make sure that these enhancements not only help you achieve your aesthetic goals, but also give you the over-all confidence and competitive edge that good looks bring. Short of surgery, there are many ways to beat the clock starting with anti-agers such as microneedling, chemical or photo facials, wrinkle relaxers like Botox or Dysport,  hyluronic fillers like Juvederm and Restylane and long-lasting collagen stimultors like Sculptra.

David Beckham and others have taken the stigma out of "Brotox" and other anti-aging procedures - science has expanded possibiltiites so you can morph with less expense and with practically no down time. It's now acceptable to go for a beach-ready bod instead of making-do with daddy flab and love handles. So what are the most common non-surgical cosmetic dermatology treatments from head-to-foot that had men showing up at our doorstep? 

1. Wrinkle Smoothening with Injectibles: Botox  and Dysport

By far the most popular procedure for men and women worldwide, Botox a toxin-based injectible temporarily   relaxes muscles so that wrinkles on the forehead, between brows (glabella) and at the corners of the eyes         (crow's feet) are temporarily smoothened out. Treatment time is so short but when done right, the effects           are really quite dramatic since the areas corrected are near the eyes where aging and "tiredness" are most         obvious. Say goodbye to looking tired, worried and angry; and say hello to aging in reverse and looking                 fresh (for at least 3 months). Botox has other uses including jaw slimming (see below), among others.

2. Hyaluronic Acid Based Injectible Fillers: Juvederm and Restylane

There are primarily 2 popular filler groups based on injecting hyaluronic acid into areas that need to               be plumped-up: Juvederm and Restylane. These are placed into the deeper layers of the skin around the eyes,   lips, chin and cheeks. Clients are loving this treatment for 3 reasons:

  •     its action complements Botox
  •     in can be dissolved with hyaluronidase (think of this as an injected eraser) and
  •     it has the ability to stimulate collagen production so that there is a slight residual effect even after the           the original product has been completely metabolized.

3. CoolSculpting

The idea behind CoolSculpting, an FDA cleared procedure is that exposure to very cold temperature causes         the slow death of fat cells in the "pinchable" areas such as the abdomen,  love handles, buttocks, inner thighs,   upper arm. This procedure is used for both debulking and shaping & even works on the chin. It is perfect for       those small pockets of fat that are resistant to diet and  exercise. It's not instant but results are lasting and       can be best appreciated after two months. This diagram shows all the areas where CoolSculpting is effective:


    coolsculpting 3-5.jpg

4.  Microneedling

With Microneedlng, thousands of fine needles are rolled over the face to injure it enough and get rewarded with newer skin. Microneedling prods nature a bit by mimicking the healing process that stimulates the body’s own   collagen to grow at a faster rate and create a thicker matrix. After 1-2 days of redness and a couple of days       drying-out and flaking, the skin slowly looks plump and refreshed. Eventually, you can expect smaller pore           size, diminished acne scars, reduction in fine lines and brighter, clearer skin. 


5. Other Popular Treatments: Kybella, Botox for Jaw-shaping and Liquid Nose Jobs

Hate that weak chin or too prominent jaw? There’s Kybella, CoolSculpting and old, reliable Botox  to the rescue. We could even sculpt with liquid nose jobs using Voluma and perform non-surgical lifts or skin tightening with a minimally invasive procedure like Threadlift! And if you prefer a little less hair, “lose without the ouch” with Laser Hair Reduction Treatment. The results - selfie-worthy looks that defy age ever so naturally and convincingly. See for yourself:


Liquid Nose Job with Voluma

Kybella men-1.jpg

Kybella for double chin

It used to be every girl's nightmare to be the proverbial ugly duckling - fortunately, with non-invasive or minimally invasive treatments that are safe, affordable and yield natural-looking beautiful results, every plain Jane can now look forward to turning into a swan. Now, it's every Tom, Dick and Harry's turn to look their best. So go ahead, strike a pose!



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