Mary Byron By Mary Byron • June 25, 2017

Lips: Plump It Up!


 Anyway you look at it, lip filler injections rank first or second among aesthetic procedures - even Cosmo hails it as the new Botox! Having plump, full lips have always been seen as youthful-looking but the procedure struck fear in the past because of the tendency to have that "duck-face" look. But for every botched job, we see incredible transformations and are tempted to literally take the "plunge" to look like Angelina Jolie or Kylie Jenner (did she, or didn't she?). Fortunately, newer fillers like Restylane Refyne and Juvederm's Volbella and Vollure are able to target with greater precision just what you need under the skillful hands of Juvly Providers.  Setting realistic expectations saves you from surprises.

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Lip augmentation is both a science and an art; with so many factors to consider like lip shape, facial proportion, age lines and the physical properties of the hyluronic fillers used. These new generation fillers are very different from the notorious silicone and are your best bets to having plushy, well-defined lips that look and feel natural. Aestheticians who have mastered the art of the pout from performing this treatment day-in and day-out may resort to a mix of heavier and lighter fillers. Check out this Apple app that helps you visualize how you would look with the enhancements.

A few things about hyaluronic fillers (e.g. Juvederm, Restylane) you may not know :

  • Injecting the enzyme hyaluronidase can reverse its effects. It's a nice-to-know fact if you are a little bit phobic about committing to a mouthful of change or reeling from a bad job.
  • Injecting hyaluronic acid stimulates your own lip tissues to produce collagen which is good because aging causes collagen production to decrease significantly.
  • Those with thinner faces and those exercise a lot tend to metabolize hyaluronic acid faster and would require more frequent touch-ups.
  • Augmentation can be done step wise; that is, you don't have to do all of it in one session.
  • Results are immediate but some of the swelling comes from the injection itself, so expect this temporary condition to subside after a few days.
  • Follow pre-injection instructions to a T if you want less bruising. Avoid exercise before and after the procedure and abstain from any blood thinner medication etc.
  • Allergic reactions are almost zero.
  • Discuss with your Provider the use of FDA approved products for the face; when you consult bring a reference picture and be prepared to listen.
  • Operative words when using hyaluronic fillers:  harmony, proportion, symmetry and balance (bigger is not always best). You want to look ready for a kiss, not stung by a bee!

 (Photos are actual, unretouched and volunteered by the clients.)

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In a nutshell, this is how we do things at Juvly. We have a very good reputation for uniformly excellent results across our four locations - specially for lip fillers.

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Video on Juvederm Vollure