By Jake Bova • December 16, 2016

Lets Watch: Sculptra with Danielle

People who wish to have the appearance of lines and furrows reduced in a minimally invasive way can opt for the Sculptra aesthetic.

Sculptra, which is more a stimulator than a dermal filler, uses synthetic poly-L-lactic acid to stimulate the client’s body into producing its own collagen. Collagen is a protein that is a part of the body’s connective tissue and helps to keep the skin pliant and springy. The amount of collagen a person has fades as they get older, which leads to wrinkles and dry areas. Poly-L-lactic acid works especially well in the lower part of the face, where laugh lines and marionette lines are found. It also gives volumes to thin lips. Sculptra cost is also reasonable.



Before the treatment, our patient has a consultation with one of our dermatologists at Juvly Aesthetics. They’ll take the patient’s medical history, and make sure that they are a good candidate for the treatment.

Just before the Sculptra treatment, the dermatologist reconstitutes the poly-L-lactic acid with sterile water. The patient’s skin is cleaned, marked to guide the dermatologist and given a topical anesthesic. For the middle or lower areas of the face, Sculptra injections are inserted deep into the skin through a technique called tunneling. It is also called threading. The needle is inserted at a 30 or 40 degree angle and then lowered and injected parallel to the skin. In another technique called the depot technique, the needle is inserted at a 45 degree angle. This technique is done for the area around the temple and the bony arch of the cheek and for Sculptra undereyes corrections. With Sculptra undereyes treatment, our dermatologists take special care to make sure the filler is deposited in just the right layer of skin and that the needle does not pierce any blood vessels. It is important that the poly-L-lactic acid be spread evenly beneath the skin to avoid granulomas. These are masses of granular tissue that arise because of inflammation or infection.

The sessions usually last about 30 to 45 minutes depending on the size of the area that needs to be corrected. Afterwards, the dermatologist or nurse gives the patient an ice pack, and they can rest a while before they resume their day. There is no down time after a session. The patient can have the treatment on their lunch hour, but most go home and take it easy for a day or two.

Some swelling, bruising and redness are normal for a few days after the procedure, but they can be soothed with ice packs and fade after time. We recommend that our patients have at least two Sculptra injections spaced six weeks apart. Patients with deep lines and folds may need to return for more treatments.

Sculptra price is $699, and as most health insurance doesn’t cover cosmetic procedures, we at Juvly are pleased to offer our customers a "buy three get one free" Sculptra price to help with Sculptra cost. To experience the Sculptra aesthetic, don't hesitate to call us at Juvly.