By Jake Bova • January 27, 2017

Lets Watch: Sculptra Butt Lifts with Michelle

Some women are naturally blessed with a large butt, but others aren’t so lucky. There is an option for these women, though. A Sculptra Butt Lift increases the collagen in the area and enhances its appearance. The collagen works to create a shaped, round and full bottom to fill out your clothes and enhance your self-confidence. A viable alternative to a Brazilian butt lift, it doesn’t require a scalpel or surgery, which limits your overall downtime.

You might wonder how the process works. Sculptra is an injectable solution that contains poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA). It encourages your body to stimulate its own collagen production as time goes on at the site of the injection. The results last about 2-3 years. It has been approved by the Federal Drug Administration and used across the world for 18 years.

Patients generally require two sessions spaced six weeks apart to achieve their desired results. The procedure consists of receiving an injection in the butt, with results showing gradually to look more natural. The procedure is ideal for anyone looking to avoid butt lift surgery and the recovery time associated with it while still getting the look they want.

Sculptra is the ideal solution for athletic and slender body types or people who suffer from excessive flatness or sagging in their butt region. This alternative method might not be suited for all. Your surgeon will examine your needs and body type before taking the next course of action.

A consultation with one of our specialists allows them to look at your body, evaluate what you want from the procedure and give a realistic plan of action going forward, whether that is through injection or an alternative such as a Brazilian butt lift. Your provider examines the treatment area and marks where the injection will go. They will have you lay on your stomach and apply a local anesthetic or topical cream to ease potential discomfort at the injection site. The process requires several injections spread over the area for equal distribution. 


Some patients need to go back once, while others might need two additional sessions to get to their goal. Your surgeon will outline your treatment plan at your consultation so you aren’t faced with unexpected surprises, costs or results of your butt lift surgery. Sessions tend to last around half an hour, meaning you can fit them into your schedule without worrying about a lack of time.

Schedule a consultation with our experienced providers if you want to know more information about the procedure or think that you would be an ideal candidate. Our surgeons will work with you to set realistic goals and help you get the butt you’ve been waiting for.


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