By Jake Bova • January 9, 2017

Lets Watch: Juvederm Volbella with Stephanie

Juvederm Volbella
Juvederm Volbella® benefits are catching the public attention that they deserve. This revolutionary Juvederm lip filler is made by Allergan, who also makes the popular Botox injection. Volbella is a treatment that creates smooth, soft, big lips and removes unwanted lines from around the mouth.

Volbella® - FDA Approved Lip Enhancement

Juvederm Volbella® is an FDA-approved, injectable hyaluronic acid (HA) based filler. The level of HA in Volbella® provides the perfect texture for adding desirable contouring and volume. It is also FDA approved to smooth those previously-impossible vertical creases known as smoking or pouting lines. One of the best assets of this HA base is the flexibility it gives the technician as seen in the video with Master Technician Stephanie. The injected Volbella® provides fullness with precision, allowing the technician to create the beautiful facial symmetry that we all want.

Will Volbella® Work for Me?

Juvederm Volbella® gently restores fullness and shape that may be lost with age or that you may not have been born with. Patients with naturally thin or naturally full, big lips, can each achieve the look they seek with this FDA approved injection. Volbella® is a flexible option that offers the opportunity for lip perfection.

Juviderm Injections - the Volbella® Lip Treatment

Juvederm Volbella® injections are loved by many because of the fuller results they provide. The smooth, soft consistency is perfect for the gentle skin on and around the mouth. Volbella® Juvederm injections provide a soft, full consistency that feels and looks natural.

Volbella® is a hyaluronic acid based injection that uses less HA than any other cosmetic injections, and this is perfect for the sensitive area around the mouth. This is the only FDA approved injection for the lips, and many have waited excitedly for this technology because it is an option for unwanted pouting or smoker's lines. One treatment does it all. It provides dual benefits in just one session that reduces the appearance of fine lines around the mouth and fuller lips.

This is the only facial filler that is clinically proven to last up to a year and is perfect for the mouth. It lasts up to 12 months with a single treatment. Multiple sessions of Juvederm injections are not recommended. One session is all it takes. Repeating the treatment every six months will ensure that you maintain the fullness and contouring from your first treatment.

What Should I Expect During the Volbella® Treatment?

The treatment is completed in the clean and comfortable atmosphere in our med spa. Pain-reducing lidocaine reduces discomfort, and Juvederm reviews ranked the possible discomfort level a number two out of a possible 10. The lidocaine included in the injection gently numbs the area and provide comfort during the treatment. The treatment is completed in approximately 30 to 60 minutes. The injections will be positioned in the precise locations that fullness has been requested, and the solution will be gently massaged to disperse the Volbella® and to ensure smooth fullness. The results are immediate.

Juvederm Side Effects and After Care

Some tenderness and bruising may be experienced after the treatment. Concealing cosmetics may be used after the first 24-hours. Scheduling your treatment to coincide with a three-day weekend may be the perfect solution. Volbella® requires the least amount of downtime in comparison to any other Juvederm injections. Juvederm reviews are shared by clients that express pleasure with their Volbella® results.


The cost of the procedure will vary when it is completed in combination with other cosmetic treatments that are available for the cheeks, eyes and the chin. Check out our full lineup of sales and prices here at www.Juvly.com 

Expected Results

Volbella® will transform your thin mouth and produce the bigger and fuller lips that you desire, or it will enhance and contour your already full lips. If you have pout lines treated, you can expect a natural looking answer that reduced those unwanted lines. You can expect your Volbella® rejuvenated lips to be full, perky and kissably soft.