By Jake Bova • March 3, 2017

Lets Watch: Dysport with Lisa


Dysport is a revolutionary injection that will eliminate the existence of wrinkles about your beautiful face! If you've felt as though you've lost your youthful appearance, and wish to regain it, or if you simply would like to indulge in the removal of irritating wrinkles about your face, then look no further than Dysport.

Dysport is simply a wrinkle relaxer that aids in the removal, and diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, predominantly "frown lines," of which reside between your eyebrows. To do this, we target five regions in the forehead of the patient and therefore help you attain a more radiant, natural, refreshed, and vivaciously youthful appearance. By clicking here, you can see a brief video, of which depicts how we tend to orchestrate the process with our patients, and what you can expect from the procedure with our walkthrough:

Now, you may have some questions for us, about Dysport, in regards to whether it's safe, painful, etc., or not. Here, I will address these concerns, as they are both warranted, and justifiable, to question on behalf of you, the patient. Regarding the safety of Dysport, it is absolute, 100% safe; and is the most reliable cosmetic treatment available. And, coincidentally, this very treatment has been used in Europe for the previous 20 years. Also, it should be duly noted that Dysport is nearly pain-free. Of the multitudes of patients who have undergone this procedure, vast majorities have openly stated that they neither experienced nor endured, any sensation of physical pain. Although there are no numbing medications used before the procedure, this is so because they are actually not needed. To exemplify the needle that is used for the procedure, imagine the needle that is used to draw blood for your physical. The needle that we use for Dysport is, actually, much, much thinner than that.

Now, next might arise the question of whether you can return to work upon receiving your injection, or not. And, tersely, the answer to that question is, "yes." Many of our patients get their Dysport injections before they go to work, during their lunch hour, or after work, to simply return to their daily routine, without any hiccups, or a single sign of having received poor treatment.

Perhaps, now, you wish to know if Dysport can be used to treat, alleviate, or, even potentially eradicate chronic migraines. Again, the answer that Dysport provides is, "yes." Empirical data has shown, and proven, that Dysport relieves migraines when injected into various areas around, both, the head and neck areas. Empirically, 70% of patients, conducted in a clinically study, experienced a significant decrease in the number of headaches endured on a regular basis.

Now, when it comes to pricing Dysport, it is actually dependent on the amount that you use, and not independent of such; and, therefore, we only charge for the units that are used. If you wish to read more information on Dysport, we highly recommend, and encourage, you to visit us on our website!