By Jake Bova • December 5, 2016

Lets Watch: Dermaplaning with Leslie

Lets Watch: Dermapling with Leslie

The most radiant, clear and youthful complexions all share one thing in common: proper exfoliation. Without it, your skin will appear dull, older, dryer and rougher in texture. Even acne scars are more prominent without the proper skin cell removal.

Shaving Isn't Just For The Boys Anymore
Dermaplane is one of Hollywood's best kept secrets; many stars visit their skin care expert for the amazing treatment, but most of them won't talk about it. In simplest terms, professional dermaplaning involves shaving the face with a scalpel-like instrument by aestheticians, dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. Some women do it in a tamer way at home, once a week with a razor. The late actress Elizabeth Taylor was said to be a fan of the exfoliating skin rejuvenation spa treatment to maintain her ageless, English rose appearance.

Dermaplaning Is Modern Complexion Rejuvenation
Sure, you can wax or tweeze, and ouch it is. Or, you can visit the pros who perform the treatment perfectly and painlessly. The pain factor is said to be a one out of ten, so that's pretty minimal and something we could all endure. Plus, it's an ideal dermal procedure at any age.

At Juvly Aesthetics, Master Aesthetician Leslie gives an excellent overview of the procedure in a YouTube video. You will learn that epidermal cells and peach fuzz known as "vellus" are removed or exfoliated from the face with a fine thin blade held at a precise angle during a session.


Dead skin cells are exfoliated, making way for smoother, clearer and a more luminous complexion. This simple, quick 15-minute procedure (and low dermaplane price) makes it even more effective for other dermal procedures, like acne treatments, to penetrate deeper into the skin's layers. For example, Leslie says that a chemical peel followed by a dermaplaning session yields even far superior results, especially when dealing with acne scar issues. One dermaplane session with the pros at Juvly Aesthetics is just $99 and a smart investment for ageless skin. The dermaplane price is affordable, and the skin rejuvenation results keep improving.


Re-Building Skin Barrier Key After Treatment
Since there is zero recovery time following a dermaplane skin treatment, all you have to do is pamper your complexion a little more. To gently re-build the skin's barrier that has been scraped away, skin care experts suggest a good moisturizer, because your complexion is new and at the moment, a bit more delicate and drier.

Most people believe that a gorgeous complexion is something you get lucky with by way of genetics. Dermatology experts know better; great-looking skin is not a given and needs intelligent beauty maintenance to remain youthful and healthy.

To book an appointment on your way to an A-list complexion, visit JuvlyAesthetics.com for the ideal skin treatment now.