By Jake Bova • January 24, 2017

Lets Watch: Botox Touch-Ups with Liz

An exceptional treatment for furrows, fine lines and wrinkles has made Botox, or the botulinin toxin the most popular minimally-invasive treatment on the planet. Our clients at Juvly see the results soon after their treatment and are pleased that they are as long lasting as they are. Another benefit of the injections is that the wrinkles are never as noticeable as they were before, even if the patient does not return for maintenance treatments.

How It Works
Botulinum toxin A works by interfering with a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. When the toxin is injected into an area in the face or neck that needs treatment, this interference causes the muscle that lies beneath the line or wrinkle to become paralyzed. The paralysis causes the wrinkle to smooth out. It stays that way for up to six months in some types of Botox treatments.

What's the Procedure Like?
At Juvly, our dermatologist first cleans the client’s face, then injects the Botulinum toxin. After every injection, the dermatologist uses a gauze pad to remove excess solution and any tiny amounts of blood that appear. It takes a good deal of skill to inject the solution correctly and safely, for the human face has over 40 muscles, and the dermatologist needs to know where they are and what jobs they perform. Watch this video to see the procedure.



The needle used is very fine, so most of our clients won’t need a topical anesthesia even during the full treatment. The number of Botox injections administered depends on the number and depth of the wrinkles the client wants reduced. Usually, a session lasts about 15 minutes. There’s no recovery time, and after a few minutes of rest with an ice pack, the client leaves the clinic and goes on about their daily tasks.

Botox Side Effects
Botox side effects can be serious if the treatment is given by an inexperienced or inattentive practitioner. Rarely, nothing at all happens. The client does not see that their lines or wrinkles have been diminished even days or weeks after the injections. 

Botox Before and After
Clients who look at Botox before and after photos of themselves or other clients are most often pleased at the rejuvenated look that results from the treatment.

Clients who are interested in Botox injections and want to set up a consultation shouldn’t hesitate to contact us at Juvly. Our number here is 614.686.3627.