By Cate Holliday • October 31, 2018

Juvly Black Friday Month Specials

Juvly's Black Friday Month specials start 11/1/2018! 

BUY 1 GET 1 50% OFF IS HERE! These are our BEST prices of the year! 

The BOGO 50% Off Sale Includes:

Fillers and Sculptra Collagen Stimulator

All Laser Procedures


All Skincare Products

Fillers and Sculptra are buy 1 get 1 50% off (product with same or lesser value)!!! They can be mixed and matched, but must be used by a single client in a single appointmentFor example, you can get 1 vial of cheek filler and 1 vial of lip filler, 2 vials of cheek filler, or 2 vials of Sculptra.  For this sale you cannot choose 2 lip fillers, as two vials cannot be safely injected into the lips on the same day. 

Members, you will save $100 off each BOGO package. For example if you do 2 vials of Voluma cheek filler it will be $699 (member price) for the first vial plus 50% off $799 (full price) for the second vial! This comes out to $1098.50 for 2 vials of Voluma cheek filler.

Another example, would be for members if you purchase the 5 vial Sculptra BBL Package it will be $2199 (member price) for the first package plus 50% off $2299 (full price) for the second 5 vial Sculptra BBL Package. This comes out to $3348.50 for two 5 vial Sculptra BBL Packages. 

Sign up to become a member at juvly.com/membership Limit 3 Filler and Sculptra BOGO packages per client.

Laser Hair Removal is buy 1 area get the second 50% off!  Click here to see our Laser Treatment Areas. 

For all other Laser Procedures it's buy 1 Treatment get the second Treatment 50% off! These treatments/sessions do not need to be booked on the same day, they just have to be purchased on the same day.  So for example if you get Laser Hair Removal on your bikini (extra-large area) and armpits (medium), you would save 50% on the smaller area, your armpit treatment. 

For members you will save 20% off on your first area or treatment and 50% off the full price of your second area or treatment. For example members who purchase 2 photofacials for their face would save 20% on their first treatment and 50% off the full price of their second photofacial. For non-members if you buy 2 photofacials for your face, you would save 50% on one of them! Limit 2 Laser BOGO packages per client.

CoolSculpting is buy one cycle get one 50% off!  Click here to book your completely free CoolSculpting Consultation to determine your treatment areas and how much you can save with our BOGO 50% off sale! You can do up to 6 cycles of CoolSculpting on the same day! For example if you buy 3 cycles, you will get 3 cycles 50% off. Members, you will save an additional $100 each CoolSculpting BOGO package of 2 cycles! Sign up to become a member at juvly.com/membership Limit 3 CoolSculpting BOGO packages per client.

For all skincare products it's buy 1 get 1 (of same or lesser value) 50% off. For example if you buy 2 Skinmedica TNS Essential Serums, you will get 50% off one of them! If you are a member you will receive 20% off your first product and 50% off your second product at full price. Limit 3 skincare BOGO packages per client. Latisse is not considered a skincare product, for Latisse special see below. 


Buy 40 Units of Botox and GET 10 UNITS FOR FREE!

Buy 120 Units of Dysport and GET 30 UNITS FOR FREE!

Limit 4 Botox and Dysport BOGO packages per client.

Must be used by a single client in a single appointment. Stock up on your Botox now! The Botox price is going up on January 1st and where else can you get FREE Wrinkle Relaxer?! We pass on every possible savings to our clients and give you the very best price we can. The best part? Your Juvly Membership savings can be combined with this deal. That means Juvly Members can get 50 units of Botox for only $360 that's just $7.20 per unit!!! Sign up to become a member at juvly.com/membership

Pre-purchase these packages at the current pricing to save, or become a member and lock in the $9/unit Botox and $3/unit Dysport all year long. 

Limit 4 wrinkle relaxer Black Friday packages per client. You have one year from date of purchase to use your treatments.

EXCLUSIVE Membership Offers:

Get your next Lash Lift for only $49 when you add on to any treatment!

We want to show our Members even more love, so we're making the Lash Lift & Tint only $49, usually up to $99 when you add on to any membership treatment! Just in time for all of those holiday parties, give yourself an extra oomph for even less. Offer valid for both new signup and current standing members. Get the perks listed here and more when you sign up for a Juvly Membership at juvly.com/membership

Latisse 5ml $129 for Juvly Members! Sorry, Latisse not available at our NYC location.


Get a FREE Fit Bit from Care Credit before 12/31/18.

Sign up for a new Care Credit Account using the promo code FITBIT, and when you spend $200 or more in a single or multiple transactions you'll get a FREE Fitbit fitness wristband! You can use Care Credit at any of our locations to get 0% interest financing for 6 months on your treatment!

Complete these steps between October 1 and December 31, 2018 to get your fitbit. Only for new CareCredit cardholders.

1. Open a new CareCredit credit card account online at www.carecredit.com
2. Use your new card to pay for a purchase of $200 or more.
3. Register your purchase by December 31, 2018 online at carecredit.com/promotions with code FITBIT.

This FREE Fit Bit offer is presented by Care Credit in partnership with Juvly, and fulfillment of FITBIT merchandise is the sole responsibility of Care Credit. 

You can use your Brilliant Distinctions and Aspire points with these savings!