Mary Byron By Mary Byron • September 23, 2017

Tear Troughs: Youthful & Refreshed with Fillers

The eyes are the windows of the soul but what if tear troughs are prominent and dark rings mirror fatigue and add unwanted years? Or have you struggled with looking like a vampire - pale with dark hollows for eyes?

Typically, we notice these signs in the mid thirties but genetics, excessive sun exposure, lack of sleep, smoking and other unhealthy habits can accelerate aging. These days, versatile dermal fillers usually made of hyaluronic acid answer the needs for volume and structure with beautiful and natural-looking results that erase signs of ageing almost instantly. 

How We Age

Aging is more than skin-deep. On the surface we see more wrinkles, deeper creases and less elasticity. A little further on, the skin goes slack, loses elasticity and looks less plump than it used to. Particularly in the area around the eyes, periorbital fat is lost and hyaluronic acid is produced less as we age. This leads to hollowness in the undereye or "tear trough" area and gradual flattening of facial contours.


Sara Shikman, Marketing Director of Juvly complained of starting to look tired in her late twenties, something which she and Dr. Justin Harper chose to remedy with 1 syringe of Restylane Refyne per eye. Long story short, at 31 she looks visibly refreshed, energized and appears more than 5 years younger! Plus, results were immediate results with no downtime and no bruising. Best of all, she still looks great a year after the procedure!


More Than Just Filling

At Juvly, we take a holistic view on volume loss. For instance, when treating tear troughs and nasolabial folds, injecting directly may not be enough to make up for the loss of soft tisue and structural bone changes. With some clients, layering structural fillers on the cheeks and midface with Voluma and/or Sculptra gives lift, volume and contouring. It also makes the nearby troughs and folds less prominent. The different hyaluronic densities and spreading qualities in the various gel preparations can target with specificity what is needed in terms of filling the depression. Patients and Injectors love the dramatic change when the concavity on one side slowly fills up, instantly giving the corrected side a refreshed look.  


Some OF our Favorite Fillers

Both the Juvederm (Allergan) and Restylane (Galderma) line of fillers have leveraged on technology. Juvederm has the exclusive Vycross technology which according to Allergan "produces malleable yet cohesive fillers". Because of its better cross-linking, it promises "minimal swelling, longer duration and enhanced smoothness". Juvederm Volbella, with the least concentration of hyaluronic acid at 15 mg/ml is FDA approved for filling tear troughs, lip enhancement and filling of perioral lines or other fine lines. Note that injecting Voluma into the zygomatic arch, cheekbone or mid-cheek area will soften the tear trough concavity even it if it wasn't injected directly, so less is needed. 

Restylane Refyne one of the favorite eyefillers at Juvly that use the latest XpresHAn Technology that cllows more natural expressions due to its flexibility. Belotero

How much to use depends on the bone structure changes and soft tissue loss. At Juvly, we believe that rejuvenation does not end with filler treatment. We also want to address skin quality, including its tone and color. Dark undereye circles can be addressed by laser treatment and skin quality can be improved by a number of treatments lile microneedling and chemical peels. 

Looking your age? You don't have to. 

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