By Dena • March 11, 2016

Facial Shaving for Women:Juvly

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Do you get tired of your mustache or stubborn peach fuzz?

Ever want to just shave it off and be done with it? Well, you can AND there is nothing wrong with it! Shaving your face is not just good for men, but women as well. Shaving your face makes your makeup go on smoother, gives you a glow, and because it’s a razor, you’re physically exfoliating your skin! Great for anti-aging purposes! Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, the queens of the entertainment world did it and so can you.

This isn’t as unusual as you think. Men have been shaving their faces for the majority of all their lives! And I know we’ve all heard of the saying, “men age better,” but maybe shaving their faces could be the reason why.

If this is totally out of the blue for you and you couldn’t imagine being able to shave your own face, don’t you fret! Dermaplaning is an option for you! It is a spa service Juvly provides. Dermaplaning takes off a layer of dead skin. It removes those annoying baby hairs and also helps products absorb into your skin better. Dermaplaning gives you that gorgeous glow while removing any facial fuzz.

What kind of razor should you use?

It’s pretty simple. You can buy the razors online or go to your nearest beauty supply store. Make sure to look for facial razors and not normal razors we use for our legs. You want a duller version of a razor that can be found in any beauty aisle. When shaving your face, make sure to wet all the areas you want to attend to and then apply a shaving cream or gel. After the above step is completed get out your facial razor and get started. When using your facial razor make sure to shave in the direction your hairs grow for a subtle shave and against their growth pattern for an even closer shave. When the shaving process is finished be sure to properly rinse and moisturize your face!