Mary Byron By Mary Byron • December 8, 2017

Eyes, Eyes Baby

The eyes, your most prominent features are the windows to the soul. But it could also betray your age and can make you look tired, sad, worried , or stressed. Though about 20 units of units of wrinkle relaxers between the eyes are enough to smoothen the furrows and erase unwanted scowls, that is just the starting point. The skin around it is thin and prone to fine lines, puffiness, droppiness, and skin laxity. Aging also shortens the brows, thins lashhes, and can cause the arch to drop.  This holiday season focus on the small things that create a huge impact on your look without breaking the bank: Microblading, Lash Curling , Tinting and Latisse for Lashes.

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Microblading is the art of tatooing hairlike lines on the brows using  a hand-tool with ultra fine needles. For the best results, discuss with your provider the shape that complements your features best. It's a two-hour session where the aesthetician draws on the shape and expertly etches the ink in, with results for lasting  upto three years. Pigment color and thickness can be customized.  Choose a tint lighter than your goal - it's easier to correct light color than to lighten dark and heavy brows.  Because some areas don't "take" the first time around, clients come back for a prefection session about a month after. You'll love your semi-permanent brows about 6 weeks from the initial session, so be patient. 

It's not for people with extremely low tolerance to pain. Those who develop keloids or hypertrophic scars shouldn't undergo the procedure. Though there is no downtime, expect some smarting or slight swelling after microblading.   


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Lashlift and Lash/Brow Tint


You can now say good-bye to your lash curlers because even if is made by Shu Uemura, it still looks like a gadget from the torure chamber. The Juvly lashlift is perfect for those whose lashes simply refuse to curl even with heated curlers. Just imagine that in less than an hour, and for only $69 for both the lift and tint,  you can have the perfect lashes of your dreams for 2-3 months! A lash tint would enhance the results of the lashlift. And of course, Latisse would help keep your lashes long, thick, and healthy.


There is no downtime and practically no contraindication. Those who have had surgery and Lasik need to wait for six months before having the procedure. For those who shy away from microblading, Juvly also offers Eyebrow and Lash Tinting. For those who couldn't step out without pencilling in brows and brushing on mascara, you can Vwake up gorgeous with defined brows and fuller-looking lashes for practically peanuts:

Latisse For Lashes

What do you, Brooke Shieds, and Claire Danes have in common? Latisse - if you want to coax oyur lashes to gowing fuller, stronger, darker, and longer. Got 16 weeks? Begin today and see your lashes grow more flirty; perfect with a lash lift and tint! 

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