By Leslie Pequignot • September 24, 2016

Juvly Aesthetics Eyelashes Blog

Eyelashes! There are so many questions I get about lashes daily. Here's a couple of options you have for getting them to look exactly how you want that we offer here at Juvly :)

There are quite a few options. One option (my personal favorite) would be Latisse. I use this product and I have never been happier with the length and volume of my lashes. Latisse is a liquid topical prescription you apply on the lid of the lash line that will make your lashes grow longer and make your small baby lashes grow so that you will also have more volume.
Another option would be lash extensions. The extensions we provide here at Juvly Aesthetics are single lashes that we will apply to each single individual lash of your own. The adhesive will make it so they stay on until they fall off with your natural lash (usually last about 28-40 days depending on how you take care of them). This is good for people who hate wearing makeup but still want a nice, long lash. It's also a great option for a special events like weddings or even summertime when you can't wear mascara because you're outside or in the pool often. With extensions you don't even have to wear mascara! Another option would be to wear strip lashes. I know many women who wear them on a daily basis. They're easy  to apply (after you have a little practice).
Lastly, you can tint your lashes! This is a great option for my ginger ladies out there or anyone who has lighter colored lashes. It's a quick and easy way to give your lashes a little depth & color that will last about a month.