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CoolSculpting: Five Best Practices For Optimal Results

Watching Kim Kardashan having a CoolSculpting Treatment looks easy, but wow transformations only happen when the skilled CoolSculpting provider follows best practices. Although CoolSculpting is not a weight loss solution, Molly Sims, a modei,actress and two-time mom, says that it helped her get rid of her postnatal bulges fast, CoolSculpting seems too good to be true, especially  for men who have dieted and exercised religiously, but have found defined abs elusive.

CoolSculpture kills fats cells (cryolipolysis) by exposing them really low temperature; literally freezing them to death! By delivering precise, controlled cooling over the skin with underlying fat, CoolSculpting sets off the cascade which is not visible immediately after the procedure (although the skin and fat feel “buttery” during the kneading process). Over time, more fat cells die and in about 1-3 months, you will see final results after all the affected fat cells (approximately 20-25% of the original fat in the treated area) have died and have eliminated by the body. This infographic show what happens but note that treatment time has been reduced to nearly half with the newer machines.

Coolsculpting – Infographic - An Infographic from IAPAM


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Best Practice #1: Know if You Are a Good Candidate

CoolScuplting and Liposuction are both permanent fat loss/fat reduction modalities but CoolSculpting only works on pinchable fat and is best for obvious bulges like love handles, saddle bags, belly fat, bra fat, submental fat, inner thigh, outer thigh, hips, back, buttocks and upper arms, The ideal candidate is within 30 pounds of his/her ideal body weight. Consider losing weight first if you are over this weight range. The ideal candidate also has good skin elasticity.


Best Practice #2: Choose a professionally-trained CoolSculpting Provider

The operative word is “TRAINED COOLSCULPTING” provider. This specialist is fully aware of the full potential of CoolSculpting and can customize the treatment plan according to your body. This is where your successful “TREATMENT to TRANSFORMATION” protocol begins.

Best Practice #3: View yourself 360 degrees and focus on your worst problem areas first

Tell your provider which bulge bothers you most. Aim for a natural looking curve with no demarcations. Sometimes it is simple and only takes one treatment with a small applicator. But In some cases, it is more complex as there can  be  more than one area of opportunity in that bothersome bulge. For instance, with the abdomen you may have three to four overlapping areas with two more as it goes towards the flanks. Your body is 3-D and your provider will work with applicators that are suitable in terms of shape and size on targets for fat elimination.

coolsculpt 1-1.jpg

From the bulky CoolMax, other applicators have now been released to really target those hard to reach places and create a natural look. Your Provider may use the CoolCore, CoolCurve, CoolSmooth, CoolAdvantage (plus, mini) and the CoolMini. Why so many gadgets? Zeltiq created all these applicators to ensurea better fit and suction between your body and the machine. Think of a vacuum cleaner that has to reach every nook and cranny. 

Best Practice #4: Choose treatment options that are optimized for your aesthetic goals, budget and timetable

These days, treatment time has been reduced from an hour to 35 minutes per cycle (applying and removing the applicator). Newer machines and applicators provide a more comfortable client experience. You can opt to have multiple applicators have the treatments done in sequence. Either way, try to focus on the area that you hate the most. is it your belly? Then try to debulk and contour from all angles and follow up on these treatment areas. 

coolsculpt 4-1.jpg

Best Practice #5: Stay Fit

CoolSculpting DOES offer many benefits like a non-invasive, no-sweat, no-downtime approach to body contouring. However, at Juvly, we like to think that a holistic approach that incorporates healthy eating, stress management and  BIT of exercise has a synergistic effect on the outcome. You will see results as early as  3 weeks post treatment, with effects quite dramitc after two months. As fat cells continue to be flushed, you'll probably see more subtle changes upto 5-6 months post treatment. 

Fat does not transfer to other areas. The 25% of affected fat is permanently eliminated. However, the remaining fat cells can accumulate fat and become unsightly. So while dieting and vigorous exercise are not necessary, Juvly hopes that looking better, with clothes that probably hang loose and don't ride up and more muscle defintiion are enough incentives for you to want to take better care of your "brand new silhouette". 

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