Mary Byron By Mary Byron • October 7, 2017

CoolSculpting: The Cool Way to a Hot Body

CoolSculpting has taken the Aesthetics world by storm and is now the #1 non-surgical, fat reduction solution. Over 4M successful treatments globally prove that it is fast, easy, safe and effective. There is no downtime and the treatment itself is comfortable. Best of all, fat loss is permanent and perfect for bulges or pockets resistant to diet and exercise!

Doctors or trained providers perfrom the "Treatment to Transformation" protocol which starts with a 360 degree assessment to determine which areas concern the client the most. Areas of opportunities are identified and the number of cycles (initial contact of applicator with the skin and removal) are determined. For the best effects, the applicator used must match the target area in shape and size so that contact/suction is maintained throughout the cycle. Larger areas may need two placements with about 3 cm overlap to ensure that there are no unsightly demarcations. The procedure is more comfortable and shorter now, with each cycle  lasting about 35 minutes only. CoolSculpting freezes the "fat" underneath the applicator and causes its cellular death without affecting the muscles and other tissues. 

Clients report various sensations but most agree that any discomfort is tolerable. After the applicator is removed, the affected area is massaged. At the cellular level, cell death has already started and unlike in normal weight loss where the fat cells deflate, CoolSculpting actually kills off fat cells - never to return again!

It is recommended for those who are within 20% of their ideal body weight and have appreciable bulges. It is not effective for hard to reach areas like the more deeply-seated visceral fat.


And what happens to these frozen cells? Around 20-25% of fat in the affected area die and are elimited naturally without posing any danger - but leaving a more sculpted you!

7_coolsculpting procedure.jpg

Results vary but in general, clients report that clothes fit better and the bulges are less visible about 8 weeks post treatment. CoolSculpting has become a very versatile procedure and has come a long way from its debut. Fat loss can now be achieved in these areas:


4_8 weeks results-1.jpg

Submental fat (double chin): 

6_dpuble chin.jpg

Saddle bags (outer thigh)

saddle bags.jpg

Neck Area: 


CoolSculpting is also FDA-cleared for the flanks, upper arms, inner thighs, bra fat, back fat and the banana roll area (bellow the buttocks). Over the years, more target-specific types of applicators have been released to the market. CoolSculpting applicators can now reach areas which are smaller or of more defined shape.

Still unsure about CoolSculpting? Here's actress Debra Messing's experience as a first-time CoolSculpting client:


Try the coolest way to eliminate bulges: look great from every angle! 

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