Mary Byron By Mary Byron • October 26, 2017

Cannulas: Good-bye Risky Undereye Fillers

More people going for selfie makeovers in a world that puts a premium on looking youthful and polished,  puts a pressure on Aesthetic Providers to offer treatments that promise great results but are safe and relatively painless.  Serious adverse effects such as tissue necrosis, blindness and nerve pain have thrown grave concern on the safety of dermal fillers like hyaluronic fillers from the Restylane and Juviderm families. Fortunately, techniques have gotten more sophisticated and technology has stepped in with cannulas and microcannulas which are flexible and have rounded or blunt tips, for safer procedures that promise faster recovery. 


           Photocredit: Dermasculpt

It is predicted that products will soon be sold in microcannulas, an even thinner type of cannula because it is considered safer. At Juvly we use needles for most procedures but prefer cannulas when filling the under eye (tear trough area) because this technique results to less bruising, bleeding and swelling. Downtime is minimized and the results are smoother and more even.

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Much of the success in using cannulas depends on the Provider’s technique of creating an opening for the cannula using a needle which isn’t much larger than the cannula itself. The needle is inserted NOT too deeply (just on the subcutaneous layer) of the skin and once in, a SIDE-to-SIDE movement is used. Going in and out (or back and forth) increases the chances of bruising. Our Providers at Juvly also choose the cannula based on its flexibility and ease of flow of the product. However, there are stiffer versions for deeper injections.

Some clients request using the cannula because it is more comfortable for them. This is especially true for the undereye area. Since it is longer and pliable, the Injector can go to multiple sites with greater ease, from just one entry point. Being able to fill a greater area minimizes the trauma from having to jab multiple times.

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Illustration from Dermasculpt

The injector can actually feel the resistance when the cannula touches a major structure and is able to avoid it. The blunt tip of the cannula slides through the skin and goes around a blood vessel or nerve, minimizing the risk of piercing a blood vessel or hitting a nerve. This is makes it safer to use specially in the undereye, midface and cheekbone area.


With a safer procedure that is rendered practically atraumatic, filling tear troughs for a fresher, youthful look has become a great complement to Botox and microneedling.  Risk is inherent in any procedure but this has been greatly minimized with the proper technique and the right tools.  Good-bye to danger, hello to beautiful!

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