Mary Byron By Mary Byron • February 2, 2018

Are You Ripe for a Liquid Facelift

We've been there and done that - one day, our anti-aging over-the-counter cosmeceuticals seem to be doing just what they're meant to do. Then suddenly, age kicks in and we start noticing that no matter what we slather on, our skin remains  slack and crepey with telltale lines. And did I mention, developing a hint of a double chin (and jowls)? 

The Liquid Facelift, darling of the Aesthetic community can address some issues better than surgery can. It refers to non-surgical procedures like Botox and Fillers that can make you look young from the face to neck. Dermal fillers lile hyaluronic acid and Sculptra can subtly restore contours and volume, yet the effect is natural and not overly done. Unlike surgery which tends to alter looks drastically, Liquid Facelifts make you look younger, "lifted", and refreshed but still recognizable. Unlike creams and serum that work on the skin's surface, fillers work from within, lifting the overlying skin and replacing the  volume  lost through aging. Botox smoothens out dynamic lines and also help with passsive ones while Sculptra and Threads can induce collagen growth. Though the effects are temporary, you can be free of crow's feet and have an enviable jawline for upto 18 months.



Botox and Fillers when done together enhances and prolongs the action of the other - like cream and coffee. There is also evidence that the filled areas don't revert to baseline when the filler effects wear off.  Studies show that hyaluronic fillers can also induce the production of collagen, although not as much as Sculptra or threadlift could. Age reversal is now safer because the products used are FDA-cleared and have improved over the years. Today, Providers can choose fillers based on consistency, matrix, and size of molecules. This specificity makes it posible to use thinner fillers, like Restylane Refyne on tear throughs, medium consistency fillers like Voluma to create more volume in the cheek area, and fillers such as Juvederm Ultra that create just the kind of pout you like.


The effects are immediately visible for hyaluronic acid fillers and that's one of the best things about the Liquid Facelift. We've all heard of Botox gone wrong (like Spock brows) but in the rejuvenation department, it is a staple. Brows and lips are the ones that are most noticeable - and also the ones likely to be botched. Botox goes in a lot of other places other than the FDA-cleard areas like the glabella, forehead, and crow's feet. It can also be used to produce a slight lift of the mouth corners and the nose-tip. Really subtle changes that make a huge difference.

At Juvly everything starts with a consultation so that aesthetic goals and expectations dovetail. Whether it's to plump up the lips, contour the cheeks, or diminish the looks of furrows, cost-effective treatments that produce the most natural and pleasing results will be included in a treatment plan that includes post-operative care. Sometimes the look you want is achieved during the first treatment. In other cases, it needs building up (e.g. Sculptra). What is a must is a follow-up to main beautifully youthful results. When you come to the crossroads of whether to go for it or not, keep in mind that Botox does a good job as a preventive measure and that growing your own collagen over time is definitely more natural than grafts or implants. 

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