By Dena • April 29, 2016

2 Reasons to Consider Botox in Your 20s

To anyone above the age of 40, a 25 year old worrying about aging skin may seem neurotic, vain or at the very least, silly. Vanity aside, however, the growing number of Botox customers under 30 are, in fact, onto something. Here are a couple of reasons to start considering Botox, even if you're still in your twenties:

1. Prevention

A 40 year old’s wrinkles are the result of years of facial muscle contractions leading the collagen in the overlying skin to breakdown from the repetitive creasing. Preventing those muscle contractions allows the skin to remain flat and collagen to stay intact.

If you’re thinking all of this seems a little too good- and too easy- to be true, you’re not alone. One popular argument to the contrary is that paralyzing facial muscles from such a young age will cause them to atrophy and affect facial appearance in a negative way in years to come. Logically, though, paralyzing a muscle makes it the weakest it could ever possibly be; it is completely out of commission. So, alternately, any time you weaken the muscles that enable facial expressions, you are preventing lines from being etched into the skin without causing any structural changes. Atrophy of certain muscles does lead to sagging skin, however, those muscles are typically in the lower face and are not paralyzed as a cosmetic treatment for facial aging. 

2. Correction

For young people, a typical Botox treatment running between $250-$500 can be a staggering amount. For those who are very expressive and worry about premature wrinkling, though, Botox is a great, safe option. For those whose budgets don’t allow for pricey preventative treatments, fret not. Botox can be wrinkle-reversing as well. The body has its own repair system and stopping the progression of wrinkles by paralyzing the facial muscle lets the body take action and improve those lines. So, even if you wait to get Botox until your 40s like the rest of us, it is still possible to smooth wrinkles and turn back the clock.