By Julia2 • February 18, 2016

Best Skin Care Ingredients: Skin Product

Skin product

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Ever wondered if your makeup is healthy for your skin? There is a lot of pressure put on women and men to look their best nowadays. Between getting ready and buying beauty projects, women and men put a lot of time and effort into looking their absolute best. With all those hours spent, might as well use the best makeup for your skin, right?

Which ingredients are worth adding to your daily routine? Here are a few beauty ingredients that everyone should look for on their beauty product labels! Look for products with a good dosage of vitamin C. Vitamin C is not just good for your body, but is also good for your skin! Cosmetically speaking, vitamin C can help nourish your skin’s collagen. Collagen is the main structural protein found in skin. In other words, what makes your skin look so youthful. This amazing antioxidant can help with wrinkles, dark spots, and can help protect against sun damage.

Want tighter and firmer skin? Definitely look for products with copper peptides in the label. Copper peptides stimulate your skin, which helps makes more collagen and elastin. Said to be a mini facelift! Make sure to add Kombucha to your list of ingredients as well! It’s made from fermented tea and packed full of antioxidants! Overall, kombucha helps keep your skin moist and tight! Very good for your collagen!

Ever enjoyed a nice glass of red wine? Of course you have! Resveratrol, known as a heart- healthy ingredient found in red wine has recently been added to many beauty products. Recent studies have shown resveratrol helps reverse the aging process and is known to be good for all skin types! When shopping for cosmetic products make sure to look at the label! Don’t buy a product with a bunch of unknown chemicals that are ultimately bad for your skin! You want the best for you skin, so make sure the labels list one of the above ingredients first! Invest in your skin and you won’t regret it!


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